Tips to Land Your Dream Job and Gain Career Confidence Part 1 by Jean Spahr

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney  

In Part One of this two part series, we will list tips to landing your dream job.  Part Two will review ways to gain career confidence.

Secrets to Career Happiness

One:  Do Some Soul Searching

  • Look deep within.
  • Take a road trip alone or with colleagues.
  • Pray/Meet with a spiritual advisor.
  • Begin a career journal to record your thoughts.
  • Be mindful -- stay in the present moment.  Dwelling on worries will hamper your progress.
  • Contemplate your purpose in life.
  • Consider your personality, job and culture fit, performance, and progress toward goals.

There are many resources on the DJN website on our job seeker tab, including:  Personality Assessments, Interest Assessments, Skills Assessments, Strengths Assessments and Spiritual Inventories.

Offered by the Catherine of Siena Institute, the Called and Gifted Discernment process has been used by Catholics and other Christians around the world. It is designed to help Christians discern the presence of charisms (spiritual gifts) in their lives. 

Two:  Jot Down Your Achievements and Develop a Resume/Career Database 

  • Make it a practice to note your achievements right away so you don’t forget.
  • Record awards received, completing a class, receiving a promotion, meeting or exceeding a goal, etc.
  • Develop a database or spreadsheet of your achievements. Select relevant achievements to highlight when you are seeking a promotion or searching for a new job.
  • Organize your achievements by position or by skill categories.

Three:  Ask Your Manager, Esteemed Colleague, and Other Professionals for the Truth

  • If you are still working, ask your manager for a meeting to discuss your specific strengths and weaknesses.  Select a colleague who knows you and that you respect for the truth about your performance.
  • Friends and family may not be as truthful or insightful. 


How can I improve? 

What are my chances of promotion? 

Do I meet or exceed expectations? 

How do I rank on the team? 

What was my best piece of work?

Meet with a representative of a local professional network.


What career advice can you offer? 

Who hires the most workers in our profession?

What are employers looking for right now for this title?

Four:  Get Inspired

  • Read about successful people to gain inspiration and learn steps leading to success.
  • Join groups that may provide inspiration such as ToastMasters, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, and professional or community associations.
  • Reduce your exposure to negative people and seek out positive people.  Practice positivity and gratitude daily, especially when life is difficult.

Five:  Find a Career Coach

  • Discovery Job Network and Arapahoe Douglas Works! offer career coaching to job seekers plus there are career coaches at most colleges who work with students and alumni.  Additionally, there are career coaches who work for a fee.
  • Career coaches work with job seekers every day; they offer unfiltered, honest feedback; provide direction when you are confused; hold you accountable for your goals, and offer an unbiased opinion.
  • A career coach will help you, but ultimately you must do the work.


Makeda Waterman, Lifehack

Arapahoe Douglas Works!