Get 2018 Off To A Good Start

Five Ways to Start 2018 Off Right by Krista Redlinger

1. Reflect on 2017 - What worked? What didn't? The majority of our job seekers struggle in the following areas: applying to appropriate jobs, creating a successful targeted resume, organization/record keeping and follow-up, relationships and networking, interviewing, and staying motivated while experiencing rejection. Build on your successes from last year, work on your weaknesses.

2. Set goals and objectives - Make sure they are specific, realistic and achievable. Write them down. Break them into manageable tasks. Prioritize tasks and include due dates. 

3. Get help - Make an appointment with a business librarian to learn research tools and techniques. Use resume review software to see how ATS read your resume. Get your resume reviewed by three or more coaches. Find tools (you will use) to keep organized such as a notebook/planner, a spreadsheet or cloud based software. Always be networking with new people personally and professionally. Build and maintain those relationships. Contact a career coach for interview and career coaching assistance.  

4. Monitor your progress, celebrate your successes -  Monitor the status of tasks weekly. Mark and keep completed tasks so you can see your progress, but move them to the end of the list. Track issues. Record required follow up actions. 

5. Stay positive and motivated - Don't take the process personally. Let your family and friends be your cheerleaders. Each day do something that makes you proud. Take an occasional break to care for your physical and emotional needs. Join a job seeker support groups. Follow inspirational pages on social media like What I learned from 100 days of Rejection. Pray, meditate.