Build Your Career During Break by Jean Spahr

  • Work a paid, supervised, credit-based internship.  Unpaid or non-academic internships are worthwhile if you have valid learning goals and are mentored.  A part-time job can supplement an unpaid internship experience.
  • Obtain a job in your future field or a related field. Some positions are more beneficial than others in terms of developing skills, but most jobs are learning experiences and may expand your contacts. 
  • Participate in a study abroad program. Academic programs impress employers and you will stand out as a job applicant.  
  • Consider volunteering with an organization that is related to your career goals or that is meaningful to you. Many volunteer positions offer a geat deal of responsibility plus the opportunity to learn and build your network.
  • Attend summer school or take online courses. Some students graduate a semester or even a year early by taking summer courses. If you take transferable courses at your local community college, you may save a good deal of money.
  • Contact your Career Services Center to discuss the possibility of informational interviews and job search training. Don't wait until you are a graduating senior.

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